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Invest in Boundless Robotics (MassChallenge 2021) on Wefunder

Boundless Robotics (MassChallenge 2021)

Empowering busy adults to effortlessly grow cannabis “automagically” at home
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $1,000,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
May 01, 2023

  • ?? Oversubscribed in pre-sales signups at 500+ units, $500k in early stage pipeline (not guaranteed)
  • ?? Go to Market includes ARR after upfront hardware sale, increasing revenue with every unit sold
  • ?? Over $755K capital previously raised from Angels and VC
  • ?? 2nd Time LatinX Founder ???? w/ proven success in building game changing robotic solutions and HW
Our Story

We are changing the world with this product. We created the technology capable of helping every day folks be able to grow cannabis at home, effortlessly. This technology can be applied to the Industrial Green Houses as well. The images and environmental data we are collecting will be used to develop solutions for that space.
Our Ambition

We created Annaboto to build an ecosystem for the estimated 12+ million Americans who want to responsibly grow and consume cannabis at home. As the first AI powered, sustainable, easy to use growing system for the home that is yielding viable,thriving plants for our customers every day, we are poised to hold a significant share of a $7 Billion dollar market that continues to grow year over year.