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Bonfire on StartEngine
Media & MusicTech


Community and Content Monetization Platform
New York, 
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Apr 26, 2022
Our Story

Bonfire is a startup that aims to bolster the cash flow of micro-influencers by connecting them with their fans, and doing so using new engagement features that boost authenticity and community. They are an experienced team of builders, who come from companies in the consumer software applications space. Their product has been developed and worked on by engineers from Apple, Calm, and Patreon.
Our Ambition

We help creators leverage their loyal fans with easy, diverse tools. Bonfire is evolving the core creator tool – the link in bio – to something far more engaging and effective, and we exist to help leverage the loyal fans of unserviced creators by catering to the needs of micro-influencers (influencers who have between 20,000 and 100,000+ followers). We allow influencers to monetize anything they're already offering for free. Such as Direct Messaging, Videos, Live Streams with fans, 1:1 calls (via Zoom), and more – all becoming new revenue streams for creators! We can facilitate these payments easier and quicker thanks to the investment in our financial stack which allows us to build out these features in days, instead of weeks or months.  Bonfire works by allowing creators to set up groups (known as "Camps") where they can interact with their fans. We utilize our financial stack to develop and implement creator-friendly features, releasing new features (and revenue streams for creators) on a fast-paced schedule, which pushes creators to stay relevant and creative. Our creators are able to generate better, more viral content because we deliberately provide them a favorable creative space: their Camp. With a Camp, creators can now direct their fans to a single place to connect more deeply, giving their loyal fans a home for their favorite creators! Bonfire takes it a step further and adds monetization to a lot of tools creators already use, namely Direct Messaging, 1:1 Zoom Calls with fans, Unlockables (like photos and videos), etc., and collects a percentage from these charged services. This simple yet effective model has yielded us a viral coefficient of 4, so for every new user we acquire brings us another four users.