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Boaz Bikes

Sustainable Mobility: Shared Scooters & Shuttles with a Commitment to Safety and the Environment.
Investment type:
(Convertible Note)
Target raise:
 - $3,000,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Dec 09, 2023

  • Market Potential: Thriving micromobility sector. Holds 8 permits, across 4 states.
  • VC Backed: Secured $100K from HS Equity VC fund at the same $15M valuation as the current Crowdfund.
  • Safety Focus: 250,000+ rides with zero accidents, pioneering safety solutions.
  • Successful Track Record: Nearly $2M in revenue, with proven success in multiple markets.
Our Story

Electric scooter sharing company focused on safety. We cut operational expenses by 80% compared to competitors. We've significantly cut down time and cost with our ability to swap out dead batteries in less than one minute, compared to transporting scooters to secondary charging location. We inspect and monitor vehicles throughout the day, providing the highest quality shared vehicle on the market with our state of the art scooter design. Above all else, safety is our focus and differentiator.
Our Ambition

We are hoping to have an early exit in late 2021. We plan on expanding into 20+ cities by mid-2021 and with the mass production of our newly designed scooter, we plan to expand to 60-100 cities by the end of 2021. If a merger/buyout doesn't happen we hope over the next 3 years to be the #1 shared scooter provider worldwide. Our new scooter design is like nothing else currently on the market. These projections cannot be guaranteed.