Health & Wellness

BioCurity Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Because we believe that fighting cancer is hard enough!
Investment type:
(Series 2 CF Convertible Preferred Stock)
Target raise:
 - $599,998
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Feb 26, 2021
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  • Our proposed drugs are intended to provide cost effective protection for millions of cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy every year from the side effects of radiation therapy
  • Seven issued US patents with fully paid license for its technology in the US as well as international patents owned by the Company for our technology when patients are undergoing radiation combined with chemotherapy
  • BioCurity management is focused on meeting development milestones of the proposed drug (including a growing IP portfolio) and thereby increasing the valuation of BioCurity for investors with funds that are raised

Our Story

BioCurity is a biopharmaceutical company developing drugs to transform radiation therapy. Our mission is to prevent certain side effects of radiation therapy for cancer patients. The side effects range from burns to the skin for breast cancer patients to pneumonia for lung cancer patients. Damage to healthy tissue of cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy is a direct cause of these side effects. The proposed drugs under development are from BioCurity’s patented technology and have been preclinically tested for multiple cancers including breast, lung, head and neck, prostate and colorectal cancer. Consistent with our preclinical studies we intend to mitigate side effects of radiation therapy without impairing the effectiveness of radiation treatment.
Our Ambition

Over the next three years, given adequate funding, we will be working to clinically develop our topical product for breast cancer patients. We intend to build out a management team, engage in-house consultants from the drug industry and execute the product development activities required to submit the Investigational New Drug Application for a breast cancer product. While our immediate focus is developing a new investigational topical product for breast cancer radiation therapy, we have greater aspirations. With the establishment of efficacy for breast cancer then additional clinical trials with our topical product for other cancers could begin. Eventually, with a joint venture with a pharma company or support from a biotech venture fund, we aim to develop an IV formulation of our product designed to protect the internal tissue from radiation.