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Arianna Valerie LLC

Arianna: "This funding helps Latin women-owned business expand and grow her small online brand."
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Sep 22, 2022
I came to the United States almost 9 years ago for vacation as I used to do, but it turns out that life had other plans for me. The political and economic situation in my country got worse than ever and it was almost impossible to go back. So, I had to stay. Returning was not an option for me. Five years ago, I opened my company Arianna Valerie and currently, I lead and direct my own small Branding & Design Studio where I help women passionate about life and their businesses to elevate their visual image. This is the perfect option for you if you have your brand strategy and concept, but you are looking to renew or define the visual direction to position yourself in the market with an attractive and memorable image. Thanks to my clients I have been able to grow, but I looking to move forward and take my business to the next level.