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All About Turkey

Desmond: "This funding helps purchase a food truck so that I can share the delicious taste of All About Turkey with everyone."
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Oct 06, 2022
Growing up I ate any and everything that was put in front of me on the table. Over time I learned that all foods just are not that good for you. I wanted to get a better hold of my health and that meant eating better. I cut out beef and pork and wanted to only eat Turkey. Of course Turkey can get a little boring so here at All about Turkey we turn it up a little bit. We give you healthier meat options, served with some of the most delicious sides you could think of. All About Turkey offers the best-smothered turkey options in South Carolina. We cater delicious turkey options to our customers. The biggest obstacle is our business does not have a physical location, just yet. Currently, I set up at pop-up shops, outside cookouts, food truck stops, etc. Wherever I can serve the community is where I am. However, the goal is to use this KIVA loan to purchase a food truck to make All Turkey mobile. Traveling around with a smoker, food, and such heavy equipment limits me to where I can go and who I can share my amazing food with. This loan will help me spread what All About Turkey is about not just here in the upstate of SC, but all over the world. All About Turkey will be global and this loan through KIVA will be my first stepping stone to ensure that is possible.