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ACS Global Consulting Firm LLC on Kiva
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ACS Global Consulting Firm LLC

Antoinita: "This funding helps to purchase innovative software and operate on a global level."
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Nov 28, 2022
I founded ACS Global Consulting Firm on September 14, 2020, because I wanted to independently use my skills and credibility for my community including the global market. I bring more than 30 years of experience in customer relations, data management, project management including development and training. I always had a goal to climb the corporate ladder until I realized although I did climb the corporate ladder, I also influenced it, making corporations millions. I have decided going forward I will build the ladder and show my community I came from to do the same. My firms help others to build ladders of their own in a legal and creative way. This in return generates wealth, knowledge and levels the playing field in doing business on high levels. We offer an array of multifaceted creative businesses services to meet businesses and individuals' needs in local and global regions. These services include but are not limited to creative business solutions, consulting, data analytics, employee development and customer service training. We advocate for underserved businesses and individuals; our consulting services give a guide to operating on high levels to gain results.