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7 Generation Games

Making it possible for any organization to make its own educational video games.
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $500,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Nov 19, 2022

  • ?? On track to exceed $1M in revenue by 2023, up from $585K in 2021 and $200K in 2020.
  • ??? Built with over $2.3M in non-dilutive federal grant funding from US and Chilean governments.
  • ?? Improved learning outcomes by 30% in peer-reviewed and published efficacy studies.
  • ?? Commercialized 20+ games to date using our 7 Gen Blocks technology.
Our Story

7 Generation Games makes educational video games and the tools to develop them. Our 7 Gen Blocks platform is like a game developer version of "Legos," that can be customized and virtually “snapped” together to create an infinite number of educational games. By streamlining a traditionally expensive and time-consuming process, we enable companies and non-profits for which cost and technical expertise has previously been a barrier to easily build and distribute their own educational games.
Our Ambition

We believe that 7 Generation Games will be preparing for acquisition or have been acquired within 5 years, specifically by a strategic buyer. This is the most common exit for a company in our space. While our business could be viewed as an edtech company or a SaaS platform, we view ourselves better aligned with edtech and foresee a buyer likely coming from that sector. We believe we can reach $12 million in 7 Gen Blocks licensing revenue by 2027, well positioning us for an exit.