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Investibule opens the door to a diverse range of
investment opportunities in your community—
whether that's the place where you live or groups you care about.

Community + Capital 
Reclaiming Investing,
One Community at a Time
Bringing the Nest Egg
back to the Nest
Accelerating Community-based Finance

What we do

For Investors

A growing number of individuals are looking to invest their money in a more meaningful way, into ventures they know and trust and that contribute to the health and well being of their communities. But hunting down those investment opportunities is difficult.

Investibule brings together a wide range of community-based investment opportunities into one easy-to-use platform that allows investors to discover investments tailored to their interests and investment profile.

For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

The financial landscape is changing rapidly, opening up new capital-raising options that allow entrepreneurs to bypass traditional financial gatekeepers and tap into their customers and supporters for funding.

By helping investors discover these investment opportunities, we increase awareness and broaden a company’s pool of potential investors. At the same time, we uncover market signals that indicate untapped investor demand, allowing entrepreneurs to identify potential angel investors and supporters within their communities.

For Communities

We strengthen communities by promoting a more collaborative form of funding that can empower and engage community members and foster deeper connections between investors and the business owners that serve them.

For the Community Capital Movement

The universe of community-based investments is growing, but remains highly fragmented. Investibule provides a focal point for community-based investment of all kinds and accelerates the movement by shifting the financial narrative and the flow of money into these emerging community-friendly investments.

We support all forms of community capital and partner with community-based financial organizations for mutual benefit and to grow the movement.

Investibule lists hundreds of opportunities, bringing together offerings across 20-plus funding sites.

Interview with Kristin Hull: Anyone with a bank account is technically an investor, she explains, and online aggregators like Investibule help individuals put their money into sustainable community ideas.

Your Guide To Impact Investing, Jenny Kassan: "You can search for opportunities in your area, by type of business, by type of investment, etc."

Identifying female-led companies utilizing crowdfunding is made possible by search engines such as Investibule, whose mission is to connect small businesses with interested investors in their communities.

Our Values


growing the community capital market giving communities control of their destinies


empowering communities and the 99% by reclaiming the power of investment a financial system that works for all

Innovation & Emergence

the new economy needs a new financial system that lets a thousand financial models bloom, bridging the gap between financial innovation and community

Everyone is an investor, and every investment has an impact.

As that concept gains currency, more and more investors are looking to put their investment dollars to work in their communities, where they can have a positive impact. A community can be the neighborhood, state or region where a person lives. Or it may be a group that they identify with, such as ethnic heritage, or a passion (renewable energy, women-owned business, craft beer).

However, that natural and seemingly simple impulse has been difficult to act on. Community-based investment opportunities exist, but they are scattered across multiple organizations and are difficult for investors to discover.

Investibule solves that problem by gathering community-based investment opportunities spanning Kiva, Credibles, Direct Public Offerings and JOBS Act-enabled crowdfunding offerings onto one easy-to-use platform.


Amy Cortese​

Impact Alpha, Locavesting

Arno Hesse

Slow Money Investor


Kristin Hull

Impact Investor, Gender Lens Advocate
Funder & Partner
Nia Global Solutions, Nia Community Fund

Jenny Kassan

Attorney, Coach, Social Entrepreneur
“It’s more important than ever to invest in the things that we know, love, and trust in our own communities and not gamble our nest eggs in the global financial casino.”
Rodney Foxworth

Rodney Foxworth

Community Wealth Activist
Chief Executive Officer
Common Future

Types of Investment

What are you getting for your money?


Get paid back in cash back over time.


Own a piece of the company and its profits.


Get paid back in-kind (products & services).


ICOs, Blockchain offerings (coming soon).