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Xairos Systems

A Better GPS Through Quantum Technology
Lone Tree, 
Investment type:
(Non-Voting Common Stock )
Target raise:
 - $2,000,000
End date:
Jun 21, 2023
* The US Quantum Satellite is a planned future event, & the Commercial distribution through existing players is a planned future event.
Our Story

With Xairos’ global timing service we aim to realize the tech-filled future we all imagine – self-driving cars, delivery drones, flying taxis, 6G terabyte-per-second surfing speeds, and more. This is a future GPS cannot support. Government agencies and network operators worldwide recognize the limitations of GPS and are looking for solutions. Techstars, US Air Force, and NASA believe in the technology and vision being developed by Xairos. Our team and board of advisors are composed of leading quantum, timing, and space experts who can execute on our vision to develop a global timing service that dramatically improves on GPS.