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Wheels Turning Keep Earning Inc

Jennifer: "This funding helps a women own trucking company expand and provides a dispatching services."
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Oct 19, 2022
I am a trucking company! I provide service for you to go purchase goods! I operate my business from my truck 90% of the time! My business is located at my home! I started my business in 2017. I wanted to work for myself because I was pregnant! I knew I needed a job where I could take my baby with me! I was working at Wendy’s and said I would drive a truck! No one believes me at that time. I started truck driving school! Then finish it! I stayed on the road for five months straight! I did not come home. I save all of my money for a truck! After one year, I was able to buy my vehicle! Then I paid it off and bought a trailer! Then paid it off and bought another truck. After that, I got my office, traffic school, and Cdl study group! I am working on my school now! The money is going to be used buying more equipment! The equipment will be used to help generate more jobs! I will always be able to make more money! The money will help a great deal in the business! I want to say thank you!