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Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $250,000
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End date:
Nov 06, 2020
West 32 Soju is a New York-made soju that is all-natural, gluten-free, and produced in small batches. Our soju is the perfect low-ABV spirit to drink a shot of during a traditional drinking game, as a base in a simple weeknight mixed drink, or a component to elevate fine cocktails. West 32 Soju was created with a mission to share the virtues of this little-known beverage with cocktail drinkers across America, employing the artisanship of the craft movement while honoring the heritage and tradition of celebrating life with Soju.
Our Story

We created a line of authentic, Korean-inspired sojus that are craft-distilled in the US, and designed for an easy, clean-drinking experience. Our Original Soju, with its 19% ABV, is made using all-natural cane sugar, rather than sweeteners used in most soju products, so our consumers don’t have to worry about the ‘soju hangover’. This product is gluten-free, which makes it accessible to an even wider audience.
Our Ambition

Our vision is to make Soju a mainstay spirit in the repertoire of the foodie cult, i.e. the people who live to eat out, try new things, drink complex cocktails, and never miss a Sunday brunch. West 32 Soju will be their go-to for weeknight meetings at the bar when they need to go easy, or for all-night drinking with friends, and the ‘Soju Spritz’ will be their drink of choice at Sunday brunch. Our goal is to continue to focus on expanding brand awareness of West 32 through cocktail placement at craft bars and increase case volume. We plan to reach 10,000 cases per year and profitability by 2025. We will do this by hiring more market managers, increasing our tasting capabilities in liquor stores, and start to increase PR.