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WeLa Lao on Honeycomb
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People of ColorWomen

WeLa Lao

WeLa Lao is a minority and woman-owned Lao food business started in 2021!
Investment type:
(11.25% 60 months)
Target raise:
 - $75,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jul 17, 2022
Suzanne is buying equipment to open WeLa Lao more days a week! WeLa Lao is a new Lao food business started in May of 2021. The business’s mission is to introduce delicious Lao cuisine to hungry masses. WeLa Lao’s menu is intentionally concise to teach customers distinct Lao dishes that are harder to find at restaurants.  WeLa Lao’s customers are adventurous eaters across all age group. They appreciate WeLa Lao’s dedication to food quality. The business’s top-selling dishes include street food snacks, called Khao Jee waffle sticks, to traditional Lao dishes made with a modern twist, such as Nam Khao, Laap Tacos, and the immensely popular Lao Sausage Baguette Sandwich. The sausage in this dish is a family recipe and the Lao-style baguette is baked in-house. WeLa Lao started at the Vancouver Farmer’s Market, a huge attraction, especially during the summer tourist season in the Pacific Northwest. The business’s following grew through word-of-mouth as the only Lao food provider in the area. Owner Suzanne is dedicated to bringing awareness to the vibrant flavors of Lao cuisine.
Our Ambition

Currently, WeLa Lao operates only two days a week at the Vancouver Farmer’s Market. The capital raised will allow WeLa Lao to scale so the business can be open more frequently at different pop-up events and locations around the city. The funding will allow Suzanne to hire 1-3 employees as cooking assistants and purchase additional kitchen equipment to streamline production. Suzanne is actively exploring opportunities to purchase a food truck so WeLa Lao can go mobile.