Benefit Corp


Angel investing for everyone
San Francisco, 
Investment type:
(Priced Round)
Target raise:
 - $5,000,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
May 01, 2022
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  • $200+ million annual run rate in funding volume (GMV)
  • February ’21 results: $982,911 revenue, 98% gross margin, $662,543 expenses, $302,723 net income
  • 5X+ year-over-year growth in investment volume, Q4 ’20 over Q4 ’19
  • Market leader. 40%+ market share in Regulation Crowdfunding in Q4
Our Story

"Kickstarter for investing" was legalized on May 16th, 2016: now, anyone can invest $100 in a startup. Since then, we have become the largest funding portal by investment volume and investor returns. We started this journey in 2012, when we helped pass the JOBS Act that made this all possible, and were invited by Congress to watch it signed into law.
Our Ambition

Our goal is to fund 20,000 more startups by 2029, while outperforming the S&P 500.  Entrepreneurship has been dying over the 30 years, falling from 10.6% to 3.6% among those under 30.  We must fix that: everyone deserves a shot at the American Dream.  If we succeed, we will increase the GDP of the United States