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Amy: "This funding helps raise brand awareness and create all season inventory for functional babywearing jackets."
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Apr 25, 2023
Overwhelming feedback from other moms was so powerful, I decided that this was something that other moms needed. It is a tool that I could share to help make life easier for moms. I feel that as much as the Wanderling babywearing jacket is a product, it also provides a service to families that will help to improve physical health, growth and development, and mental wellness. As an RN, the idea of reaching out and caring for people on a larger scale gives so much more meaning to me. I am a part of building a community of strong women and mothers who are raising the next generation explorers, critical thinkers, adventurers and stewards of the earth. Functionally, the babywearing jacket is made for maternity, front and back babywearing with the carrier of your choice. It can also be worn without baby, giving it longevity well beyond they baby years- ultimately a worthy investment for a new mom. The assurance that your baby is warm, cozy, close, and safe is a comfort and reduces stress. This helps create support and motivation for moms (and families) to venture out of doors. We know that exercise, activity and fresh air has physical and emotional benefits. Even the simplest task of walking your child to the bus stop, running in and out of the grocery store, trips to the playground can be made more manageable and less stressful by using a babywearing jacket. Increasing product awareness is essential at this stage in my business, and the potential market share for the babywearing jacket is enormous. Baby carriers are flourishing in our culture- and there are no US companies that sell this accessory. We rebranded in November, 2022, and in 3 months, we have more than doubled the revenue we saw for the entire year. I know that we are onto something Wanderful!