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A Social Media App based ENTIRELY around Genuine and Authentic Content.
Investment type:
(Priced Round)
Target raise:
 - $579,999
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Apr 26, 2021

  • We believe Vlogmi can have genuine impact on millions of people’s digital wellbeing & mental health
  • Our Celebrity Shareholders have a combined social reach of 35 million + people worldwide
  • Receive an ultra exclusive Founders Verified Badge ? on your Vlogmi profile
  • Legitimately influence the success of Vlogmi through giving us feedback during our private Beta
Our Story

We are developing Vlogmi, a new social media app that combats the issues of fake/unrealistic content seen on other social media platforms by pushing originality and genuineness. For sharing your daily life, without beauty filters, promoting imperfections as a positive rather than a negative. Vlogmi is focused on improving users' mental health and digital wellbeing by encouraging genuine, authentic and original content. No photoshop, no reposts, no fake news.
Our Ambition

Our app will have at least 50M users. The word Vlogmi will become a verb and be part of the average social media user's vocabulary (eg. tweet, Band-Aid, Kleenex). Vlogmi will be the go-to app for sharing behind-the-scenes content allowing users to express their authentic and unvarnished selves. We hope to have created an exit for our shareholders. Our proprietary monetization platform will be the new standard for social media and influencers. These projections are not guaranteed.