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The future of fitness, on Oculus Quest.
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $535,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
May 01, 2022

  • The Oculus Store team has invited us to expand their VRfitness offering for their Oculus users.
  • Dev team behind success of Guitar Hero ($1B rev), Rock Band ($2B rev), and Dance Central ($50M rev).
  • Upcoming Oculus Store version of VZFit offers full-body VR experience with no third-party hardware.
Our Story

Consumers waste billions on health clubs and equipment they don’t use. Peloton solves this with exciting and convenient live spin classes brought into the home but use 10-year-old tech, tablet computers; you watch the action through a window. VR puts you in the action. We've created the next generation of VR-based in-home fitness. We engage you in activities in virtual worlds that are so much fun that you don’t feel like you’re exercising. Our customers call it the "Workout without the Work".
Our Ambition

Within 3 years Apple and Google will ship next gen XR Mobile products. VR glasses that look like glasses will be tethered to new smartphones. Image display and other functions will happen in the glasses separate from the image processing on the smartphone. We estimate 75M units in use by 2024 vs today's installed base of around 6M consumer VR units. We'll continue to extend our technology, trade secret, product, and brand leadership to ride that tide with key competitive advantages secured.