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VIP Concierge Enterprise

Trav: "This funding helps expand our operations to include mobile services."
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Jul 26, 2022
VIP Concierge was founded in 2009. We are a concierge barber service providing the luxury of convenience and expertise. My business currently has a physical location in Atlanta, GA, and I am expanding to include a mobile location that will serve the metro area. Since I first started cutting hair, I have prioritized exceeding my clients' expectations. The concierge service has been tested by me, tried and true, since I became a barber. My tagline, Who’z Your Barber, came from realizing that many people in my community didn’t actually have a relationship with their barber, there was a relationship piece that was missing, which is one of the very reasons I became a barber. I expanded my expertise to clients who understood and valued this. It’s more than knowing how to cut hair, it’s about being able to create the conduit to allow clients to conveniently access me. My clients include community members, celebrities and professional athletes. I was Jamal Lewis’ barber when he was leaving the Baltimore Ravens and drafted by the Cleveland Browns. That led to me being the resident barber for the Cleveland Browns for three seasons. Capital is definitely one of the challenges to expanding my business. I want to be able to provide all of the services I know that my clients need.