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Vino Disco LLC on Kiva
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Vino Disco LLC

Samantha & Tess: "This funding helps a women-owned boxed wine startup company with inventory purchasing, working capital and marketing."
San Francisco, 
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Aug 15, 2023
Vino Disco is an innovative Bag-in-Box (BIB) wine that enables customers to enjoy our high-quality wine in various settings and ways, liberating it from the traditional glass bottle. Vino Disco wine remains fresh for up to 8 weeks, allowing consumers to savor every drop without any waste. By eliminating the fear of spoilage, Vino Disco takes the uncertainty out of wine buying, enabling consumers to invest in premium wine with confidence. Our mission is to elevate everyday moments with a new and improved boxed wine experience. We aim to create a product that can accompany customers in their day-to-day lives, offering portability, delicious flavor, and long-lasting freshness—simply put, our wine is the future. In a market saturated with bottles, cans, and uninspiring boxed wines, Vino Disco redefines the traditional boxed wine concept by blending high-quality wines with the convenience, mobility, and style of our innovative box. We created the product we want to consume and an artfully designed boxed wine that tastes as good as it looks. Vino Disco was born to shatter the boundaries of conventional expectations of boxed wine and present you with an enticing selection that transcends the mediocrity of the status quo.