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Verde Finance

Where Instagram meets Bloomberg: The future of Social Investing
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Target raise:
 - $250,000
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End date:
Oct 22, 2022

  • A massively unmet need with a monster global TAM ($300B) and a mission for financial wellness ??
  • >91% of GenZ & >25% of Millennial’s learn about investing through social media ????
  • Overwhelmingly positive validation from Key Leaders and our 200+ Beta Users ??
  • Highly experienced & talented team of ex-FAANG leaders & engineers ????
Our Story

Verde Insights provides essential investment research & insights in an unintimidating, and user-friendly platform. myVerde helps you build & manage your portfolio, keeping you in the loop on threats & opportunities. Verde Social provides an investment community dedicated to transparency, promoting honest content-creation, and reducing "noise".
Our Ambition

A one-stop shop for all your investment needs, and expanding our marketplace to Web 3.0 & Real Estate. Verde will be the world's largest investment network.