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Media & MusicTech


Bring live streaming to the world's largest professional network for creatives
Los Angeles, 
Investment type:
(Priced Round)
Target raise:
 - $577,606
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Feb 06, 2021

  • $1,850,000+ raised to-date from music industry executives, VC, angels and the crowd ??????
  • Follow-on round from one of January’s largest crowdfunding campaigns with 1,150 investors
  • Connecting musicians and creatives in a post COVID-19 world
Our Story

Vampr helps creatives build a network and find the right people to collaborate with in an easy to use frictionless mobile app. For most of us, one of the biggest challenges is getting to know the right people who can help propel our career. The old adage “it’s who you know” is undeniably true. But networking is, and always has been, tough. It’s time consuming and expensive. With Vampr you can now access hundreds of thousands of connections around the globe in the palm of your hand in an instant.
Our Ambition

In five years time, we intend for Vampr to be the go-to resource for anyone seeking a livelihood in the creative arts or for those looking to hire specialised creative personnel. When you think of it, that means Vampr has the opportunity to intersect with every business on the planet. Our aim is to capitalise on our current competitive advantage and take the mantle as the definitive ‘LinkedIn for creatives’, growing well past 100 million users.