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Black-ownedPeople of Color

Thrst Coffee

Andreas: "This funding helps a black-owned coffee shop buy inventory & equipment to sustain growth."
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May 29, 2023
Thrst Coffee is a coffee shop in Waco, TX. We roast our own coffee beans in-house and sell fresh espresso drinks, teas, and pastries. We strive for consistency by focusing on crafting traditional espresso drinks. We use quality ingredients sourced as locally as possible, using a local distributor for our coffee beans, making and locally sourcing our own natural syrups, and buying our tea and pastries from local businesses. We operate out of a physical location but also have an online website where we sell our coffee beans retail, wholesale, and subscription-based. I started Third Space Theory Coffee, Thrst Coffee for short, in 2019 to support my family and contribute to the community. The name comes from the sociological theory that humans crave a third place separate from home and work where they can be with their community. I saw a need in Waco for more third spaces where minorities in particular would feel represented and I believed Thrst could do that. From starting out as a mobile coffee cart in downtown Waco to roasting coffee and selling completely online during COVID, to now having a physical coffee shop, it has been a four-year journey that I could have never predicted. I had to pivot multiple times to keep the business alive and put my dream of a physical location on hold longer than planned, but I never compromised my vision for Thrst even when opportunities came along that seemed to be a quick fix to my present challenges. Today Thrst Coffee is the only black-owned coffee shop in the city of Waco and in just 3 months of being opened, I see my vision brought to life. It is a place where people come for coffee but return for the experience they received.