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The Pickled Chef on Honeycomb
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The Pickled Chef

The Pickled Chef is purchasing new equipment to increase production!
Investment type:
( )
Target raise:
 - $75,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jun 02, 2023
The Pickled Chef is Western PA’s number one producer of artisanal, all natural, small-batch pickles, pickled vegetables, sauces and condiments, jam and jellies, raw fermented Kimchi, sauerkrauts, and new line of fresh dressings. We are a family-owned business born of a love of the food industry and a passion for creating timeless flavors. Our products are hand packed and processed using Chef Greg’s uniquely created recipes featuring the highest quality ingredients and local produce whenever possible. Our customers are characterized as “foodies” who love and understand high-quality, small-batch food. Many of our older customers remember preserving and canning with parents or grandparents at a young age. These experiences and memories allow them to appreciate the time and craftsmanship that is put into each jar.