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The Nature Study Project on Kiva

The Nature Study Project

Gerard: "This funding helps launch our environmental education initiative - Louisiana Eco-Tours and Nature Study Workshops."
New Orleans, 
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Oct 09, 2022
The Nature Study Project was founded as a non-profit organization to facilitate environmental education programs that immerse people in nature through Nature Study workshops and private eco-tours deep into the Louisiana wetlands. ? Nature Study workshops explore nature's "up close and personal" biodiversity by collecting and documenting local flora and fauna using macro photography and our live Wonder Dome terrarium. The purpose is to foster a sympathetic relationship with the natural world around us. Science and Art overlap in the realm of wonder to increase our awareness of what nature constantly gives us and ask, "what am I giving back?". Our eco-tour mission is to offer unique personal experiences in Louisiana's wetlands as inspiration to artists, writers, journalists, conservationists, and other influencers able to bring the urgent story of our wetland loss to the national and international attention it deserves. I live and work out of New Orleans, La., but I plan to give tours/workshops in the Atchafalaya basin and the New Orleans area.