The Fantasy Network
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The Fantasy Network

A streaming and crowdfunding network for fantasy film lovers.
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Aug 28, 2020
Streaming video meets crowdfunding: TFN is a community-owned film and television network, where fans and creators are empowered to stream, share, and fund their own original stories
Our Story

The Fantasy Network is a digital platform designed to support sustainable storytelling in film and television, via the following services and features: Free and Subscription Streaming Video On-DemandSingle Storefront for crowdfunding, subscriptions, sales, and digital/physical merchDigital/physical fulfillmentCrowdfunding support for partner producersOpen World WikiSocial Platform and ConnectionGlobal Distribution and Syndication to third partiesLive StreamingIdentity Management and SSO ServerWe’ve already unified many of these services and features to work with a single login across our entire ecosystem, from mobile apps to television to browser.
Our Ambition

We first built the core proprietary systems that enable platform independence, including SSO and identity management server that connects our back-end services and front-end experience seamlessly. Our most recent achievement has unlocked the ability to integrate video-on-demand streaming, pre-funding, crowdfunding, sales, wiki editing, and subscriptions into a unified, single-page experience. With this technical milestone due to begin a phased release to the public in February, we hope to move to our next phase of development by Q3. Upon achieving sufficient capitalization, we’ll enter a long process of executing new milestones that open up the potential of our new platform, including a unique video player that makes our integrated system shareable and embeddable, plugins to enable creators to use our technology on their own sites, improving our crowdfunding dashboard for creators, and reducing interface friction for viewers and subscribers.