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Taste of Tys kitchen

Tiesha: "This funding helps purchase equipment/ inventory and marketing to expand my reach to more everyday customers and the homeless."
Owings Mills, 
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Dec 22, 2022
Taste of Ty’s Kitchen is a mobile food catering service. I provide catering services for all events. I also serve platters and sandwiches online via third party companies, such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Menufy. I decided to start this business in 2019. Taste Of Tys Kitchen started because of my passion and desire to feed people food is the epicenter of all kinds of gatherings. But it is also a necessity for all living species in the world. I have a plethora of services and products that I offer and so many varieties to serve my customers. Just to name a few I offer meal prep, recipes, catering, vegan options, gluten-free, flexitarian options, and so much more. Most of my services are provided through third-party delivery pick up and drop off. My plan is to have a mobile restaurant to continue these services and Accommodate customers with a seating on site. I would like Taste Of Tys Kitchen to be a mobile restaurant that caters to any hunger needs, for all people. The profits of this business is partially to give back to my community by continuing to feed the homeless as many days as we can afford. We also plan to continue with our $8 dollar hot menu, and cost friendly cold menu for my less fortunate customers to use government assistance to purchase. It is important to me to provide a place of comfort and affordability to my customers. I hope to offer my homeless community a special time for breakfast and lunch and dinner to sit down and enjoy a free hot meal daily without judgment. This timeframe would be closed for our paying customers, to give our homeless community that place of peace to eat.