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Tanbrown Coffee on Honeycomb
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Tanbrown Coffee

Tanbrown Coffee is purchasing its own coffee roaster!
Investment type:
(60 months, 13.5%)
Target raise:
$25,000 - $50,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jul 24, 2023
Tanbrown Coffee is the only business in Atlanta focused on solely sourcing and roasting Asian Specialty Coffee.
Our Story

Tanbrown Coffee is a specialty coffee roasting business that was founded in January 2022. The company focuses on sourcing, roasting, and selling coffee beans from Asia. Tanbrown Coffee chose to focus on Asian coffee because it is an underrepresented segment in the specialty coffee market. Origins outside of Indonesia and Vietnam are rarely found in local coffee shops. Tanbrown Coffee wanted to change this narrative and show the vast difference in Asian coffee origins and what the region as a whole has to offer.
Our Ambition

The capital raised in this offering will go towards equipment and raw materials purchases. Marissa founded Tanbrown Coffee with just a 1 pound bag of beans and a sample roaster. As the business grew, it became apparent that the company needed a more efficient system. Marissa moved Tanbrown into a larger space to roast coffee beans. Marissa knows that more roasting equipment and inventory will allow Tanbrown to manage orders more effectively and be able to take advantage of growth opportunities with partnerships.