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Developing new MDMA-like medicines for effective prescription mental wellness.
Palo Alto, 
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $5,000,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Feb 11, 2023

  • Tactogen is a public benefit corporation making entactogen (MDMA-like) molecules.
  • CEO leverages 30+ years of experience in psychedelic preclinical and clinical research.
  • Many lead compounds ready for safety and toxicity studies. $2-4 million will complete that process.
  • Raised $6.3 million over 2.5 years from well known investors.
Our Story

Tactogen is a drug discovery and development organization making transformative medicines. Our focus for our first novel molecules is MDMA-like effects.
Our Ambition

We aim to be completing Phase 3 clinical trials for our first novel molecule and seeking FDA approval.