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Health & Wellness

SurelyWell, Inc.

Healthy habits start here
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Nov 16, 2020

Reasons to Invest $9.4M in sales in the first 4 months of operation with sales to 7-Eleven, USPS, & MGM Grand. Built by an experienced team of entrepreneurs with a proven track record of successful exits from previous business ventures. Hand sanitizer sales spiked 73% between January and February 2020 – we believe this indicates consumer behavior has already shifted towards prioritizing a more hygienic lifestyle.

Our Story

SurelyWell is a wellness brand that specializes in creating effective personal sanitization products for your body, home, office, and more. We’ve already made incredible headway with $9M+ in sales in just four months of operation (and are positioned to become a household name).
Our Ambition

We’ve already established ourselves as real players on the national stage by garnering strong sales so early in the game, and we’re ready to continue this trend of success. With SurelyWell, we set out to build a wellness brand rooted in creating safe, effective, and accessible sanitization solutions, that would be both trusted and beloved by consumers. However, we feel as though creating high-quality and effective products is the bare minimum. Our true differentiator lies within our business ethos.  We're currently in the process of finalizing a collaboration with a local after school program in a low-income community to donate a portion of sales generated by the collaboration to funding their sanitization needs. After all, we believe the pursuit of health should be accessible to all.  Moreover, as we strive to maintain relevancy in the mind of consumers, we're also working on a potential collaboration with a notable pop culture printed goods brand to release SurelyWell branded apparel within the next year. Lastly, in an effort to support local economies and job creation, as well as to ensure a speedy time-to-market, we strive to manufacture all of our products at FDA registered facilities here in the US.