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StandNP Corporation

Hanzhen: "This funding helps pay for needed advertising, manufacturing deposits, trade show fees and a new hire."
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Jul 27, 2022
We hold a patent for the female urination device StandNP. We have been selling online and working to sell in retail stores. We have the device manufactured, which requires up-front capital. This device, which is now made disposable, allows a female to stand to pee. No squatting, crouching, or worrying about dirty toilets or outhouses. Women who have hip surgery can use it, so they don’t have to struggle to sit (as one of our customers gratefully reported). The long-distance female drivers reported standing to pee with it when they stop at the rest areas where there aren't female restrooms. Female hikers and campers love not having to hide in the bushes to squat. The medical profession has determined that trying to squat and urinate causes pelvic floor dysfunction so the option to stand to pee is healthier than squatting!