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Scenebot’s “STAGE” app has transformed the talent discovery process, connecting artists, fans and industry professionals around the world through an engaging social media and content creation platform.
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $1,000,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jan 28, 2022
Scenebot, Inc. combined its two thriving platforms, Scenebot and Scenebot STAGE, to form a new app, STAGE. With over 300,000 combined users and a team of top professionals in the entertainment industry, STAGE is changing the way talent is discovered online. Scenebot STAGE is a social media network and content creation platform for aspiring actors, singers, dancers, musicians, and artists of all kinds around the world with aspirations to grow their fan base and have success in places such as Hollywood.The three main user types on the Scenebot STAGE app are industry professionals looking for rising talent, talented creators with aspirations of making it as an entertainer and casual users.We provide a dynamic, global platform, available from any device, to a new generation of entertainers and artists who exist online. STAGE is a safe haven for artists to showcase their talents to fans and over 125 top entertainment industry professionals.
Our Story

The entertainment industry has proven to be a daunting sector to navigate. Oftentimes, entertainers are charged exorbitant fees just for the opportunity to be seen by industry pros! Current challenges for artists include: Expense - talent scouting services are expensive, requiring travel to major events across the U.S. that charge exorbitant feesDifficult to Get Started - aspiring entertainers struggle getting their foot in the door without the right connections and resources Limited Accessibility and Curation of Online Talent - industry professionals have trouble using social media to find consistent and reliable rising talentUntil Now!
Our Ambition

Created by Stuart Alexander and Krisha Bullock, a top youth casting director, Scenebot was created to help artists avoid high cost showcases and cattle calls and give them a free, safe alternative to perform for legitimate industry pros and help jumpstart their careers.