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Spread-mmms, LLC

Rebecca: "This funding helps a woman-owned business establish a new production space & grow her artisanal food business."
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Oct 20, 2022
Spread-mmms is a small batch, artisanal food manufacturing company that makes olive tapenade &‘sassy’ savory spreads. My olive tapenade (the space that launched my business) is an original & unusual creation, crafted with beautiful, brine-free olives. I weave these unique olives into all of my products & now have two shelf-stable favors (olive tapenade & savory marmalade) and a line of 8 refrigerated spreads. My delicious spaces were recently featured in Culture Magazine’s Tasting Spotlight (May 2022). Spread-mmms began seven years ago but had a little slowdown during the pandemic's beginning. Fortunately, my company was able to weather the difficulties & is busy rebuilding. I recently moved my business into a new kitchen in Brooklyn that improves my efficiency & production. Currently, I mostly wholesale my spreads to cheese shops & specialty markets. I also sell online & have begun making pop-up demands again. My tapenade & savory marmalade are available in select stores in 15 states, while my refrigerated spreads are only available locally. My business started to bring excitement & adventure to the table. I encourage people to have fun with their food & love that my spreads serve not just as something for parties but are often used to brighten up solo snacks, office lunches & creative kitchen experiments!