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Sports Engineering
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Sports Engineering, Inc.

SEI’s innovative, patented footwear technology aims to enhance athletic and workplace safety by mitigating potential causes of injury.
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Mar 01, 2022
Sports Engineering Inc. (SEI) goal is to enhance the safety and performance of athletes, weekend warriors, and people who work on their feet. We are doing this through our patented SplitSole™ (#9,730,486) and SmartSpring™ (#10,888,138) technologies.SEI’s SmartSpring™ suite of technologies works to mitigate injury by reducing ground reaction forces specific to rotational force and horizontal shear, which are oftentimes the common causes of injury. SEI envisions licensing our patented technologies into the $500B+ global footwear market. We are actively pursuing relationships with global brands and aim to secure licenses and, based on our progress to-date, anticipate confirming our first agreement shortly.
Our Story

Historically, the athletic footwear and sports equipment markets have focused on vertical impact cushioning using sensational terms like peak g’s, x times bodyweight, etc. These are biomechanics terms associated with large numbers and easy to understand consumer stories often resolved by simply using foams designed to deflect under load and absorb energy.Shear and rotational forces are a component of every foot strike. The inability to manage forces related to these can frequently lead to injury. To our knowledge, technologies addressing rotational force and horizontal shear have yet to be commercialized.Court sports such as basketball involve dynamic movements associated with sudden changes of direction like:CuttingJump-landingSudden deceleration or accelerationAthletes in these situations are more susceptible to non-contact traumatic injuries to the lower extremities, especially the ankle and knee joints.Repetitive stress injuries, such as those commonly seen in running and walking are caused by chronic low-grade force being applied repeatedly over a prolonged period. For athletes, weekend warriors, and people who work on their feet … the loss of training time, rehabilitation, and reduced productivity may be costly.
Our Ambition

SEI has developed an innovative dual technology system consisting of the SmartSpring™ and SplitSole™. These technologies work in tandem to reduce or eliminate the potential for traumatic injury due to force and/or catastrophic rotation, and chronic injury due to repetitive stress.