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Spiced Up

Massiel: "This funding helps a Latina businesswoman to launch the new "Spiced Up" version, a distinct line of hand-mixed spices."
Rancho Cordova, 
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Aug 26, 2022
Spiced Up is a distinct line of hand-mixed blends that will make you say “yes” to seconds. No added sugar. We’ve found that sugar and salt can overwhelm the more subtle flavors we are paying for. While some Spiced Up blends include sea salt, we strive for blends that magnify, not mask, the seasonings’ flavors. We make blends that facilitate preparing quick yet delicious and nutritious dishes. “Sprinkle and sizzle” is all we can manage on some nights when we want fast food, “but not fast food.” Spiced Up is inherently gluten-free and does not contain any anti-caking agents, preservatives, colorings, additional flavorings, or grain products. I decided to start with this amazing journey because I wanted to offer an all-in-one mix for my favorite dishes and to prove that “Seasoning is not complicated.” Without much effort or experience! Spiced Up makes your dishes easier and prevents your spice rack from being a mess.