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Space Boat Games LLC on Kiva

Space Boat Games LLC

Rhydon: "This funding helps a game and hobby store company focused on community acquire inventory and expand marketing."
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Sep 30, 2022
We are Space Boat Games, a game and hobby store focused on building community and providing a truly inclusive place for people to play. We focus on stocking and selling independent games. Many locations in our industry have a well-deserved reputation for being uninviting and hostile. We aim to change that perception with stand-out service. Our store is a physical location is 1818 Broadway Ave. Mattoon, IL. My store manager, Steve, and I had been talking about opening a store together for years. In the spring of 2022, we decided to open a retail location after running the world tournament for System Gate CCG. Steve has worked at over a dozen game stores, from tournament organizer to manager level. No one knows how to tame a crowd of customers like him. I have been working in the game development business for nearly ten years. Being part of the industry gives me a unique insight on how to find future successful products that all kinds of players will enjoy.