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South On Bostwick LLC on Kiva
Food & BevMain Street
Black-ownedPeople of ColorWomen

South On Bostwick LLC

Michelle: "This funding helps a minority, woman owned business, expand her restaurant."
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Dec 20, 2022
South on Bostwick Cantina & Grille opened its doors in 2015 and has been an anchor in the Black Rock neighborhood of Bridgeport, feeding customers from all walks of life and cultures. I started this business with a business partner and a few staff members, but as time persisted and the world shut down, by 2020 it was just me running the show. I currently own and operate my business five days a week. South on Bostwick was hit hard like many other small businesses, leaving my operation solely to me to execute day-in and day-out. But now in 2022, I’m proud to say we survived and we are resilient; however, there lay many challenges ahead. At the pace of business lately, there need to be some major staffing changes at SoB. While I am a hard worker, staying open five days a week working twelve hour days and requires seven days of work to prep. While I never wish to close my doors, I will need to find additional resources to make meaningful investments into finding staff and other opportunities to enhance and improve serving my customers. I hope you will consider supporting me, my family and my customers on this journey. I am proud to be a part of the Bridgeport business community, and hope to be here for many years to come.