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Mar 31, 2020
The slumberBUMP™ is an ultra-lightweight, breathable sleep belt that trains individuals to sleep comfortably on their side so breathing can return to normal. Featuring an inflatable air pocket, the sleep belt is easily worn around the chest and keeps snorers from rolling over throughout the night. Often, the device only needs to be worn for 30-60 days until side-sleeping feels natural.*
Our Story

About Slumber Bump, LLCslumberBUMP™ was invented by Dr. Shad Morris, DMD from Premier Sleep Solutions. slumberBUMP™ is a medical device that, when worn properly, helps people who snore to sleep on their side, rather than their back; this is known as sleep positioning. Sleeping on your back is the number cause of snoring today. There have been many makeshift ways to help a person not sleep on their back, the most common was by sewing a tennis ball in the back of a shirt to prevent rolling over.We started as an oral appliance therapy office and witnessed the dramatic and very personal transformations our patients experienced with better sleep. They were happier, had more energy, functioned better at work, learned better, were safer drivers, enjoyed healthier relationships, spent less time and money at the doctor, and so much more.*Anxious to help every patient, we looked for additional ways to restore sleep and learned what a powerful role sleep position plays in a good night's rest. We were intrigued that something as simple as side-sleeping could stop snoring.