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Single Mom Strength
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Single Mom Strength, LLC

Sheyenne: "This funding helps a single mother start-up a wellness center targeting other single mothers."
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Apr 26, 2023
Single Mom Strength, LLC mission is to create a safe environment for women on this journey to connect through relating and relaxing. SMS in its highest manifestation is a healing center for women. It will be accessible to members only at an affordable rate. Each center will contain childcare, a luxury spa, fitness gym, many war rooms (which will be designed by donors/sponsors) and more. SMS will also be a brand selling athletic gear and equipment. We envision a world where women make it our business to uplift each other and to work together to raise our kids with values, morals and a genuine love for God! I came up with Single Mom Strength, LLC after realizing that not only do single mom's seek my advice but I enjoy sharing my experiences, sharing resources and finding solutions to break generational curses. I also realized that in some of my most vulnerable moments all I needed was a break and to feel understood, time to re-center and refocus. However, what I lacked was extra money for a spa day, a babysitter and friends with the same interests as me. SMS is what I feel like I need as a single mom.