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Investment type:
(Common Stock )
Target raise:
 - $1,234,980
End date:
May 01, 2023
SineWatts, Inc. is a deep tech startup founded in 2011 with a mission of developing transistorized electric mobility and building powering solutions that rearchitects the platform for a highly scalable, customizable and affordable grid of the future. Having completed its US Dept. of Energy funded technology development, and its utility industry-sponsored validation, the pre-revenue stage company is currently advancing towards demonstration and pilot stages for its Power Plant on Wheels™ electric vehicle products, with a 24-month timeline to reach the next phases.
Our Story

SineWatts has what we believe are the technological keys to unlock one of this century’s greatest transformations. Our unique solution seamlessly connects the distributed energy storage deployed in electric vehicles (EVs) to the home, work, and electrical grid, creating a more resilient and efficient electrical network. Earlier, the company’s technology has been field validated by the electric power industry, backed with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, and is protected by six patents across five international jurisdictions.
Our Ambition

SineWatts envisions a future grid system that is localized and easily accessible by being on wheels. Our mission is to “bring power home” so that a significant portion of our energy sources can be locally generated and stored, delivering the biggest impact for human beings and our planet. Our approach provides a cost effective, highly scalable solution compared to that of large centralized power systems, enabling SineWatts’ technology to become widely adopted and serve as a fundamental pillar of the grid going forward.