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SimpleTest by iAssay

Revolutionizing the medical point of care device industry by democratizing care
San Diego, 
Investment type:
(Convertible Note)
Target raise:
 - $900,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Apr 30, 2021

  • Revolutionizing a $26 Billion field with what may be the 1st and only patented universal test reader
  • Tapping into the $68 Billion Healthcare Big Data Industry
  • Eliminating manual errors means better, faster, smarter care for all
Our Story

SimpleTest is a portable medical test reader, with a universal adapter, that allows tests to be read anywhere, eliminates human error, and produces results in minutes.
Our Ambition

We hope that our next generation device will be in use at medical facilities, nursing homes, private households and in major businesses across the globe. Our anonymized cloud data will be used in international research to improve the lives of patients everywhere. These projections are not guaranteed.