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Sienna Sauce

Great-tasting, health-conscious, and versatile - featured on Shark Tank!
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Apr 30, 2023

Our Story

Sienna Sauce started when CEO Tyla-Simone Crayton began bottling her own sauce at 14 years old. In 2019 at 16 years of age, Tyla-Simone expanded it into a full-fledged business. All Sienna Sauces pair perfectly with a variety of meat, seafood and veggies, work as an ingredient in family favorite recipes such as chili, pizza, pasta and rice dishes, and can be used as a dip or condiment. All Sienna Sauces are low in sodium, 100 mg or less per 2 tbsp serving, and use honey and other real food ingredients to create bold flavors, making it a guilt-free choice for sauce enthusiasts.
Our Ambition

Our vision is to become a household brand name admired for making the world more flavorful without the crutch of added sugar, salt, or synthetic ingredients. Further, we will inspire and support youth entrepreneurship.