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People of Color

Sides To Go! BBQ

Southern-style food and hospitality
Investment type:
(Interest bearing)
Target raise:
 - $50,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Dec 16, 2019
SIDES to Go! BBQ is a fast-casual restaurant with Southern-style food and hospitality. With a loyal customer base, we are looking to reopen after a brief hiatus. In order to do so, we need a major update to our electrical and mechanical equipment.With 15 employees and connections to local schools and nonprofits, we are excited to serve the community once again. Our goal is to provide an express menu of BBQ and fried products to a customer base that desires a fast carryout selection. We market to individuals who prefer a quality meal but rarely have the time to cook or prepare a dinner.
Our Story

About SIDES to Go! BBQSIDES to go! BBQ is a unique, southern-style eatery. The BBQ, Cajun, and fried products have the flavor that customers will savor. The restaurant has a loyal customer base with frequent inquiries as to "when are you re-opening??" The location is next door to daycare center, grade school, a-mile-and-a-half from a 24-hour casino, not to mention a substantial apartment population, bedroom community and industrial complexes. The customer base is significant. There are less than five eateries within two miles of our restaurant location. Sides to Go will be the only local restaurant providing this type of desired cuisine where more than 30,000 vehicles travel on Northfield Road on a daily basis.We obtained the Limited Liability Corporation status May 25, 2012. We initially started as public relations firm but diversified when the opportunity occurred, in 2015, to enter the mobile food truck industry. Our business later evolved into a brick and mortar fast casual restaurant.Currently, Holbert Enterprises LLC operates the fast-casual restaurant. In 2017, we served more than 20 thousand customers within four months and our following increased from there. We have a loyal customer base on social networking platforms and also provide catering and food truck service for our guest. Our customer base includes patrons 25 years and older; average household income of $30,000 or more. The cuisine is enjoyed by diverse populations; our location at 55 Northfield Road in Bedford, Ohio is situated near a bedroom community, among apartment dwellers and where industrial workers seek lunch and evening meals.The price-point for most items is below $10.00 making our offerings affordable for the demographics. We intend to solidify the customer base; employ a hospitable workforce, and position our business as a community-friendly asset in Bedford, Ohio which is situated in Cuyahoga County and roughly to miles from the Summit County border.