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Online Design & Farm-to-Landscape Delivery For Your Next Garden Project
Investment type:
(Convertible Note)
Target raise:
 - $124,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Mar 10, 2023

  • Modernizing & Digitizing the Landscape Procurement Process for a $100 Billion Industry
  • 10% M/M growth since launch. 187% Y/Y. +$1m TMM, +$1.8m Total GMV
  • Largest Marketplace For Plants, Designers & Professional Installers
  • Partnership with Ace Hardware with Other Distribution Partnerships to Come
Our Story

ServeScape streamlines the inspiration to installation process for your dream landscape. Where you can choose from experienced local landscape designers, get access to the largest selection of locally-grown plants delivered to your door, and get recommendations to quality local contractors specifically vetted for your project.
Our Ambition

13 Cities and 100 million dollars.