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Sal's Gym LLC on Kiva
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Sal’s Gym LLC

Jacob: "This funding helps grow and woman and latinx owned business."
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Dec 13, 2022
Sal’s is more than a gym or a place to exercise. It is a place we are community is cultivated, ideas are exchanged and growth is made. When you step inside our gym, you will see parents working out while their children play soccer in the yard. You will see couples meet up after a long day of work to blow some steam off together before dinner. You will see new friendships blossom. You will witness people lifting more weight than they ever thought possible. You will see people moving farther from sickness and closer towards health. We offer a program for every stage of the fitness lifecycle. You can train at our gym or on the go with the help of our premium fitness apps. There is a life span on how much you can grow from group classes and how long you can afford personal training. Whether you want to improve your main lifts, work on imbalances, master skills, or lead a healthier life, our programs and coaching will take you to the next level. Our holistic, client centered approach connects the dots between fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle habits to set you up for autonomy and longevity. We opened Sal's Gym to fill the holes we saw in the current fitness landscape and give the city of Flint their first gym.