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Meghan: "This funding helps a small, woman-owned textile studio create a beautiful storefront and gathering space in Hamtramck."
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Dec 19, 2022
Rosemarine Textiles is a small textile studio that creates home goods and accessories using plant dyes and zero-waste production methods. Zero waste production means we significantly reduce our water usage and design pieces to eliminate fabric waste. Rosemarine Textiles pieces are made by hand in our Detroit studio. We have been operating out of our studio space in Southwest Detroit for the last four years. It served us well, but I was ready to move into an area that could offer a retail component so that we could move beyond simply selling on our website and to other stores. I started Rosemarine Textiles in 2018 to create naturally dyed textiles for special events and decor. For the first two years of my business, I did everything myself - from designing to sewing, packing orders, and running the website and social media. In February 2020, after participating in our second Shoppe Object trade show, it became apparent I wouldn’t be able to do everything alone anymore. I was able to hire my first employee, then my second employee, and then a third! I have learned so much in the four years of running Rosemarine Textiles. It feels like a natural progression to move into this new phase of having our own studio with a storefront! I found the perfect location in Hamtramck, and this month, we moved in. I have long dreamed of having a space where we can connect with our customers in person, host workshops, and gather together. I envision the area not only to sell our products but also to come together with the community. We have grown so much in the last four years, and I’m excited to have raised to this next level.