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Rizoma Liquid Creations

Damon: "This funding helps a Latinx-focused brewing concept raise capital for a production space and pursue its mission."
Kansas City, 
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End date:
Feb 17, 2023
Rizoma Liquid Creations is Kansas City's first Latinx beer/beverage company. Our mission is to sustainably, justly, and equitably create quality & consistent products while using our platform to amplify voices and empower through effective community engagement and emotional storytelling. We aim to spark and encourage honest, meaningful conversations. We are a contract brand (pay to produce it at someone else's location). We sell beer at a handful of places in the Kansas City metro but are looking to become a regional brand at the very least. We are currently creating pop-up tasting events and ways to generate additional revenue. This has been about a 7-year process to get to this point. Between significant life changes, having a kid, and moving back to KC to be closer to a support system, it wasn't until recently that the right business partner and amount of energy could go into this concept. I have been in the craft beer industry for over ten years and have long been active nationally in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. This is the culmination of hoping to create a more inclusive community and model for positive change. Check us out on Instagram! @rizomaliquidcreations