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Relentless Pursuit Sports & Entertainment, LLC

Mychal: "This funding helps Sustain my efforts to help young men & women achieve their lifelong dreams of becoming pro athletes."
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Dec 22, 2022
Relentless Pursuit Sports & Entertainment, LLC. is a full-service sports and entertainment agency dedicated to helping athletes maximize their value between the lines in their respective sports as well as in all endeavors outside of the field of competition. Being a former athlete myself and playing basketball competitively at the collegiate level at Louisiana State University, I am no stranger to the dedication and hard work that go into performing at the highest level, as well as all the sacrifices that come with the chance of accomplishing goals and dreams. That work ethic and competitive desire are traits that carried over with me into my professional journey as I pursued a career in corporate medical sales. After several years of personal and professional growth and numerous successes and accolades, I came to the realization that I was no longer fulfilled by or passionate about the work that I was doing and felt a major shift in my life was coming. I did my research and looked up the requirements for becoming a sports agent in December of 2017 and was enrolled in grad school by March 2018 which was the beginning of the journey toward my career transition. The following year I got my foot in the door to intern with a sports agency while still balancing the responsibilities of my corporate job and grad school studies. When COVID hit in 2020, I used that time to officially birth RPSE, LLC with an eye towards the future and eventually launching my own agency. In 2021 I took both the NBA and NFL Agent Certification Exams, passing both on the first try, and have been all in ever since in the Relentless Pursuit of my dreams of being one of the top sports agents in the business!