Radix Motion

Using immersive technology to let people connect in 3D even if they are apart
San Francisco, 
Investment type:
(Regulation Crowdfunding)
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End date:
Sep 19, 2020
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  • The future of human communication is in 3D and we have the 1st product utilizing 3D movement data.
  • We have a VR prototype with >1.5k users sending 3D interactive hugs, dances & kisses asynchronously.
  • We are launching an AR mobile app at AWE pitch competition, the largest augmented reality event.
  • Our products are based on our CEO’s published neuroscience research into embodiment and psychedelics
Our Story

Radix Motion combines neuroscience and immersive technology to strengthen the connection between brain and body.  Meu, our prototype, is the first social platform based on 3D human movement data. Players can share their 3D moves and play asynchronous movement games or create their embodied emojis and share them as gifs anywhere. Meu uses Radix Motion's Movement Data Channels, uniquely bridging VR and mobile AR. We are building an API into our tech to transform the spacial computing industry.