The Recruitment tool that will change job searching ,hiring and the workplace.
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $250,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Mar 16, 2021

  • ??We have the most powerful and complete Job Search engine ever designed with people First in mind.
  • ??Companion app for the Digital Nomad that merges Job search, Gig work & remote work spots.
  • ??Integrated job search engine that caters to all work styles, including the new Gig/Freelance jobs
Our Story

Quaesitus provides all the tools an organization needs to find, hire, develop and retain talent. It uses the latest technologies, including AI and Quantitative Data Analytics with a clear UX/UI. The platform is designed to work as a digital (virtual) companion to each employee for the duration of their career. It also provides AI-based performance improvement recommendations to both the organization and each individual user, and helps analyze data for more efficiency within HR.
Our Ambition

In 5 years, we hope that Quaesitus is helping to transform the workplace and workforce into the interactive, engaging and empowering work community of the future. We hope to assist individuals and organizations in fostering a sense of purpose and belonging as well as a life-long learning environment. We hope that Quaesitus will become the standard go-to platform for talent mining, onboarding, management, engagement and development. These are forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.