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Quad Solutions
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Quad Solutions, LLC

Alicia: "This funding helps a single mom purchase equipment and expand her multimedia business."
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Mar 03, 2023
Quad Solutions, LLC is a business process outsourcing company. That is an extended definition of shared labor! We specialize in Marketing, Resource Development, Professional Development, and Administration. Small businesses and nonprofits hire us to do projects in these areas. These projects can be as simple as creating and auditing policy and procedure handbooks or as complex as a marketing campaign for a new product or service. We can provide virtual, in-person, or hybrid services. Our clients save money by not having the overhead and personnel expenses while still receiving high-quality, professional services. Our services are provided by sub-contractors, many of who need flexible schedules, like mothers with young children and young entrepreneurs. Each project is guaranteed to have a lead Project Manager and excellent customer service. Quad Solutions, LLC was established in 2018, when my role at a local community center had to close due to a lack of funding to sustain the programming. Most of the budget was allocated to the same service areas our company specializes in. With smaller businesses and organizations, this often causes an undesirable shift of resources in the areas that need them the most. As a youth growing up in a neighborhood that greatly benefitted from these much-needed programs and services, I wanted to find a way to prevent them from having to close their doors again.